end of cycle 3

May 29, 2008

And another cycle breezes by! Creepy guy at the park notwithstanding…geez.

Congratulations to Laurie and Hema for winning the coveted PowerGal and Most Improved Player awards this session. They truly deserved them.

Now enjoy some days of rest before the cycle 4 storm!


bay to breakers

May 21, 2008

This post is a bit delayed thanks to my nasty cold (incidentally aggravated by the race).

A fabulous race was run by Susan, Celinda, Hema, Raquel, and Laurie who all did fantastic times in under 1 hour and 30 minutes. Go here for the results http://results.active.com/pages/searchform.jsp?rsID=63428. Susan has done an outstanding job coaching the weekly runs and it has made runners out of non-believers. ­čśë

Next year we’ll try to run it as fast as the female winner who did it in 39:22 (how is that even humanly possible?!)…the first guy did it in 34:24. My dear God…that is 4:36 per mile! These people were a blur!!! Curiously, all top racers from both genders were from Kenya, Morocco, or Tanzania which immediately got me thinking that we should all move to Africa and train there. Ha ha…

Hanging in the back making sure to soak in all the fun,┬ácostumes, and trying really hard┬ánot to miss anything were the newbies to the Bay to Breakers race, Maria, Ann, and myself. We sure had lots of fun walking…which lasted until we realized that we had to walk another mile after the finish line to get to the food. Arghhh. All was well though once the energy was restored in the form of greasy sausages!┬á

And who can forget the aftermath celebration of Celinda’s surprise b-day. Too much fun (cough***wine***cough) resulted in cancelling boot camp the next day but hey, you only live once!

Stay tuned for pics.

the very first

May 16, 2008

Seems like a million years ago since we started PFC! Well since the beginning of 2008 really.

I have now battled the┬áprocrastination demons┬áout of the room and gotten this party started. Now as for the training…that never stopped…it just gets harder and harder. ­čśë