peet’s coffee and tea – the whole truth

We are all addicted to Peet’s brew, pretty obvious eh? Ever wondered how many calories and  grams of whathaveyou you are ingesting with your favorita cuppa?

I have. So today after downing an iced medium mocha, with whipped cream (lest not forget), I decided to look up exactly what I had just put in my body. I know, I know, little late for that…

It took a bit of sleuthing to find the information in Peet’s website but here it is:

Turns out my little indulgence which took exactly 10 nanoseconds to inhale was a whopping 433 calories, 25g of fat, and 35g of sugar. Now I don’t care about the fat content that much seeing as it is mostly neutral in the hormonal response it ellicits, and it isn’t that critical for someone who participates in intense (puke inducing) training five times a week. Nor do I care about the protein content of 14g which is in fact most welcome. But the sugar…gasp! Note to self: stick to the small lattes darling.

Now if you really want to have a heart attack download the baked goods nutritional content and realize that there are no scones with 50 calories, 20g of protein, 0 sugar and 0 fat.


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