do unto yourself…

Body & Soul magazine recently posed a question to its readers:

How do you deal with the pressure to be perfect in your life?

Women are usually raised with both the need to please and the desire to be perfect. But these two traits are not compatible in the real world. You end up trying to make everyone happy all the time which usually has the undesired effect to make you stressed, drained of energy, or worse disatisfied. Big mistake!

You can strive to always do your best, but when you make a mistake (and believe me if you are carbon based you will at some point in your life) follow this mantra: Treat yourself as you would your closest friend or relative. Chances are you have realistic expectations for them and thereferore are very forgiving of their mistakes. Extend yourself the same courtesy and you’ll see how you’ll lead a happier life.

How to be successfully imperfect:

  1. Remove your mental filter – Perfectionists make life harder on themselves by filtering out good news and zeroing in on the negative. Don’t dispense so readily with the good stuff and realize that without room for improvement you’d have no goals to work toward. See your weaknesses as opportunities for growth.
  2. Discover the joys of getting it wrong – The ability to accept and learn from mistakes can set you free. Think of mistakes as paying tuition, once you’ve paid you might as well learn the lesson.
  3. Put people before things – While you don’t want to fall into chaos, cutting back on the time you spend creating impeccable order will let you realize how fortunate you are to have your family and friends and you’ll appreciate them more.
  4. Prioritize your perfectionism – Instead of trying to master everything, pick some things you want to excel in and go for average in other areas.
  5. Let a dirty sock be just a dirty sock – A dirty sock is not a measurement of personal failure or an afront from your husband. Rather than reacting emotionally, see stacked up dishes in the sink for what they are: everyday facts of life that need tending to, not evidence of your incompetence.
  6. Focus on wellness not weight – Rather than pick on your thighs, think about ways to improve your health like walking more or eating better.
  7. Age gracefully – No one can defy the passage of time. Trying to do so creates an impossible goal. Every stage of human development has a beauty and value all its own. What makes you attractive has more to do with your confidence and your wisdowm than how much you are “pretty like model.”
  8. Counter the negative – Every time you pick on one body part, list 3 positive things that you love about your body.

Unrelated but funny:



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