administrivia: 07.03.08

Day off from camp you say? Nay nay.

Some went for a 7 mile run (Suisen and Crashy)….oh that’s dedication!…and others did the CrossFit thing. Congrats Ria for bringing it to your first CrossFit session! I think we may have stirred something up and gained a convert. 😉

Y’all know how I feel about CF and all the goodness that it brings to your body and your soul, so if anyone is interested in joining us by all means please do.

First contact Saul Jimenez, our very capable and amazingly COOL coach (tell him you train with me, your other awesome coach, ha ha), at:

335 Convention Way, Suite D 1/2
Redwood City, CA 94063

He’ll send you some paperwork to fill out and you’ll be ready for your first class! Class times are M-Th: 6:30am, 4pm, 5pm, and 6pm (he also has one at 7pm but that’s for Elite CrossFitters and is errr super intense). Saturdays classes are at 9am, are free, and have us trying different spots around the Peninsula. Cost is $80/month twice a week or $150/month for unlimited. Arrangements can be made directly with Saul.

Occasionally Saul offers gymnastics or rock climbing classes which cost an extra $10-$30 and are a WORLD of fun! 

If you think you are in shape now, I dare you to come to CrossFit and really Bring It!


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