October 10, 2008

The official PowerFit Camp t-shirts are here! Visit the artoffitness store at Zazzle by clicking here (

Zazzle is really fun because it lets you customize your clothing to be exactly what you want. You can change the t-shirt type, size, color, and even the design (i.e. font, color, text, logo).

So feel free to play around and customize your shirt. I promise I won’t get mad. ūüėČ

what the hill shirt
Just a sample

administrivia: week of 08.18.08 and special homage

August 19, 2008


Apologies for class cancellation today at the last minute. I only had a chance to call Celinda and I believe she did a great job of reaching most of you.

Smokey, our beloved dog,¬†passed away unexpectedly today at about 3:30am.¬†Adrian and I are still in shock and fully expect to wake up any minute from this nightmare and have him run up to us. This is the worst thing we’ve ever experienced but we are hugging a lot.

Since you deserve better than a distressed coach I decided to cancel class today (Tuesday 08.19.08) and tomorrow (Wednesday 08.20.08). Apologies again for this sudden change of plans. I will credit both missed days to each of you for the next cycle.

Those of you who got to meet him, albeit briefly, knew what a gentle soul he was. A true rockstar and ambassador for his breed, he touched the hearts of everyone who met him. We have suspected all along he was an undercover angel.

Please do something in Smokey’s memory¬†today and hug your pets and loved ones. Treasure, enjoy,¬†and savor every moment you get to be with them.

Rest in Peace Babe!

08.08.08 – baby got back?

August 11, 2008

We were all having a grand time at Laurie’s Olympic ceremony watching session when the gals misbehaved. What’s a coach to do but execute proper punishment?¬†Go stand against the corner¬†the lot of you:

Of course rebellion set in. What an unruly bunch!

I gotta say all the squatting and running all over the place is paying off. ūüėČ

07.28.08 zone challenge w/update

July 24, 2008

UPDATE 07.25.08 – Added more documents to the list of materials. Remember you can have little cheats here and there. Gotta live life! I’m¬†picking one cheat day a week. By cheating I don’t mean have 3 gallons of ice cream but a source of carbs you don’t regularly consume (for me that is sweet potato oven ‘fries’), your favorite indulgence, a beer, a SMALL plate of pasta, whatever floats your boat… As long as you follow the diet 80% of the time you are good.


So yesterday we were checking out Suisen’s ass and legs.¬†In a good positive way people…geez you are all such perverts!

We’ve been doing this for a while (cool it with the choice comments ya hear me?, cough***gutter minds***cough), since she started having Zone meals delivered to her doorstep a bit longer than a month ago, and weight started to drop off her frame like buttah.¬†What did the rest of us do? We showered¬†her with compliments while making empty promises of starting the diet at some point.

Well that point is here! Enough with making excuses, myself included. It is always¬†“I have a trip coming up,” or “I got invited to a wedding,” or “I’m so busy I don’t have time to eat right,” or “the cat ate my apples.”¬†Pish posh square. Life happens. We need to start making choices now. Every choice we make¬†affects us later (reflecting on our well being or our asses).

On that note I’m throwing down the gauntlet. The¬†diet challenge starts Monday 07.28.08¬†and will run¬†until the end of the cycle. Everyone is invited to participate. You can choose any diet you want (I can only help with the Zone or Paleo diets though). Did I mention I am now certified in CrossFit Nutrition Fundamentals Level I? Booyah baby!


  1. Weigh yourself every week at the start of class on Friday (I will bring the scale of record)
  2. Keep a food log and turn it in at the end of the week (email is fine). No excuses. You get one day grace to turn it in or your ass is toast! (or toasty? as it will be punishable by 20 burpees warmup at the start of the next class)
  3. Take a start and ending picture of yourself with as little clothes as you feel comfortable showing publicly (I probably just opened a big can of worms he he)
  4. Do “Annie are you ok?” on Tuesday 07.29.08 and 08.29.08. This is going to be our benchmark workout (you don’t need to know yet what it is because you are always ready to bring it, right? right!)

1 point for each pound loss and 1 point for seconds/5 time differential on “Annie are you ok?” For example: If you lose 5 pounds and your workout time is 65 seconds faster, your total score is 18.

1st place – Cycle 6 is free!
2nd place – ¬Ĺ off Cycle 6

Food Log Sample (note how you feel and how much sleep you got)
CrossFit’s Zone Diet¬†(e.g.¬†Suisen & I are at 11 blocks=1500 calories)
The Zone Simplified (if you don’t want to count food blocks)
Zone Recipes
7 Day Easy Women’s Food Planner (approx. equivalent to 11 blocks)
CrossFit Shopping List (from the guru who taught my nutrition cert.)
Zone Delivery Service (The one Suisen uses, talk to Kevin)

administrivia: cycle 5

July 16, 2008

This camp thing seems to be a work in progress (much like the presidency of the U.S. LOL). I have been thinking of ways to better the experience for everyone and have come up with the following:

Hell Week and Game Week
These are going away. The objective of training “not to suck at life” is to introduce stimulus that are intense, constantly varied, and which cannot be predicted. As such it is better if you don’t know what’s in store for your daily training. If your mind is not prepared, your body will be “caught by surprise” thus emulating real life, reducing any chances for plateaus, and increasing the overall benefit of your workouts. We’ll still have grueling and fun workouts but you won’t know when they are coming!

Benchmark Workouts
Every cycle we will perform one or more benchmark workouts. These will be repeated throughout the year. Results will be posted in the blog under the training category. By comparing results you will have a chance to gauge your fitness evolution and make changes to your training or diet to achieve different results.

Some cycles will see the awarding of PowerGal and Most Improved Player. Others will have a sort of competition for prize money or a special gift. You won’t know what we are doing until the last day of the cycle when we will either take an onsite vote for the awards or reveal what the terms (workout, points, prizes, etc) of the competition are. Again, routine is the enemy and I’d like to keep your mind “on its toes” too!

I will be sending each of you a Paypal invoice with your dues for cycle 5. This is just a convenient and secure way of paying electronically by credit card or bank account even if you don’t have or want a Paypal account. If you wish you can still pay by check on the first day of the cycle (in which case, please ignore the invoice).

administrivia: 07.11.08

July 8, 2008

Friday is the last day of cycle 4. Thank God! ūüėČ

As a special treat, no weights will be needed on that day.¬†All you will need is your own body weight, a water bottle, and the mat…and a towel…and your mommy¬†(LOL). Muahahaha!¬†

Just kidding!!! We’ll do fun stuff that will kick your butt, ‘cuz 1) that’s what you pay me for, and 2) you like it, c’mon admit it. Ha ha ha.

Oh and I’ll be revealing a surprise at the end of the workout so you better come. Here’s a hint: notice how I haven’t asked for nominations for PowerGal and MIP this cycle.

administrivia: make up class on 07.07.08

July 3, 2008

Since the July 4th holiday got in the way and messed with our class (very upsetting BTW ;-)), we’ll be holding a make up¬†class next week on Monday at 5:30am at the track.

So the schedule for next week is as follows:

Monday 07.07.08 – 5:30am Track

Tuesday 07.08.08 – 5:15am Track

Wednesday 07.09.08 – 5:30am Washington Park

Friday 07.11.08 – 5:30am Track (Special Test day)